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Muzicolor colorizes instruments and written music itself. You'll instantly see every note & learn theory without trying.

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By using color anyone can read sheet music easily and even see notes while playing tablature. 

Our colorized chord charts let you instantly see what notes are where. 


Color Wheels

Notice how all of 3 patterns are the same, but the colors are rotated?
Muzicolor teaches chords and scales as patterns of color.
Rotate the colors to select what note you start on. 


Our colorized chord charts let you instantly see what notes are where. Every D note is the same exact color no matter where it is on what instrument. By learning notes as colors you can get a more intuitive and basic understanding of music. You'll never have to struggle searching for a note or a chord again.
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Why Muzicolor?

The way we talk about music is outdated and inefficient. Before now we've only written music in black and white because it's the only way we could. We like to describe it as talking in binary. 

Tablature let's people play string instruments quickly, but fails to communicate any information about the notes you're playing. Sheet music is hard to understand at first and has a steep learning curve - especially for string instruments. It's time to fix that.


Muzicolor has helped my students learn quicker than anything else I've ever tried. I've even gotten a lot out of it. I think it's an amazing tool for everyone trying to learn music whether you're a 7 year old learning your first notes or an experienced player with years under your belt.

We don't want you to regret not learning

Whether you're a music teacher, a parent with a child learning, or someone who is teaching themselves, Muzicolor will help you understand music at a more basic level than ever possible before.

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